Deconstructing the lower mind is a course in the form of initiation. This initiation is aimed at completely deconstructing the mind, that is the shadow or the lower SELF - once and for all. An initiation like this means a tremendous shift of consciousness, a quantum leap of unseen proportion. For me personally, this initiation is one of the most significant discoveries of my life. It is a fact that man is controlled by the mind. Due to this influence, we are unable to control our thoughts, focus on what we want, be who we are or feel the way we want to. We all make big decisions, however, they soon deflate like a balloon without a cord.

Thoughts swirl through our head, insecurity and indecisiveness break us down, our perception is weak and energy low. Instead of a being created according to the Divine image - powerful, creative, intelligent, capable of big insights and endeavors - man barely survives and dies as a shivering, tortured and helpless mass. An obedient slave to his master, man believes that the weakness he has are his own and never dares to think that his mind might be not his but someone else's installation. Deconstructing the lower mind takes one day, it is done in a small group - up to six persons, and it is exclusively aimed at advanced practitioners, which means that one can attend the course only by invitation. One of the main pre-conditions for this initiation is the course named Re-creation of the Light Body.

The discovery that has preceded this one was the Detachment Technique and in the first half of the course, participants are being trained to practically perform that method. After the process of Lower Mind Deconstructing participants are taught to perform the necessary energy work that would enable them to recreate their True Mind in the fastest and most balanced way. Participants should come rested and ready for hard energy work. I do not think that it is necessary to emphasize that this process presents a unique kind of blessing, which, so far, only a few people were able to receive. The course attendants have a special opportunity to be among the rare souls on this planet – in current time and space – that is enabled this kind of initiation.



Contemporary techniques for personal and spiritual development have brought us numerous possibilities for changing the direction of our lives, the way it was originally conditioned by our karma or family influences. Today there are tools that enable us the enlightenment experience in just two or three days, purification of traumas in a matter of minutes, dissolving toxic bonds and sorting out all undesirable relationships in a period of few months or even weeks, or systems that ensure complete karmic cleansing and permanent enlightenment in a couple of years work. 

Nevertheless, although enlightened and spiritually advanced, some people cannot realize themselves creatively. Some aspects of their lives stubbornly stay the same. I do not speak here about those who do not do anything to change their lifestyles - those who do not work on themselves do not achieve anything. I speak about long-term spiritual seekers who cannot realize themselves on some field of their life, even with the hardest possible work. Sometimes those people find comfort in spiritual extremism, thinking that planet Earth is not their home but prison and that self-realization must be reserved only for those who never dared to yearn for spiritual goals. They sometimes think that something must be "wrong" with them, they see their destiny as "bad", or that some "deep karmic reason" blocks them from being successful.

In the second half of the 20th century, the global esoteric scene was shaken and forever changed by Carlos Castaneda and his books in which he presented teachings of his master, Yaqui Indian don Juan Matus. The central aspect of don Juan's teaching is warriorship, based on taking complete responsibility for one's life. One of the key elements that enable that is moving the so-called "assemblage point". Some of the contemporary researchers of human energy field (for example Jon Whale, Ph.D.) speak of the assemblage point as the greatest discovery in energy medicine of the last century. Don Juan used to say that everything we think and everything we feel depends on the position of the assemblage point. 

The assemblage point stands for the epicenter of energy oscillations inside the human energy field. It is also the center of perception and the center of our world-view. The position of the assemblage point determines how somebody feels, thinks and acts, his or her general life's situation and health. Moving the assemblage point to its natural position simultaneously changes all aspects of human existence - physical health, emotional state, mind, and behavior. Besides that, moving the assemblage point transforms our outer reality because it produces deep changes in the configuration of our energy body - therefore the energy body does not push us into the same models of living and life's situations. The persons that have had the privilege to center their assemblage point have experienced the resolution of long term conflicts and liberation from many blocking aspects of their lives. Now everybody has this opportunity - some can even learn how to do it themselves if they meet certain requirements.


• The basic presupposition for conscious influence on mental states

• Stopping internal dialogue

• "Three Steps Samadhi" method

• Lower mind as a foreign installation

• Dissolving destructive aspects of the lower mind

• Assemblage point theory

• Assemblage zone theory

• The methodology of moving the assemblage point and zone

• Re-creating of "inner glow"

• Final initiation