Liberation from attachment to dual universe


This is currently the most advanced course in the Transformation of Karmic Patterns system. It is intended solely for persons who have passed most of the courses from this group and who have been attending several Enlightenment Intensives. Now these people have the possibility to dissolve even the toughest karmic patterns - karmic loops. These are karmic models chosen before birth when the soul makes a plan for future experiences and lessons.

Many of these lessons are contained in other forms of karmic patterns, but the loops are specific because they can only be dissolved by achieving a deep spiritual experience and by its immediate grounding and practical application in everyday life. Karmic loops are also known as "karmic blueprints" or plans, which many spiritual seekers think are immutable, i.e. that they must be "worked on for the whole lifetime"(!?!). My experience is that you don't have to suffer unnecessarily and repeat the same patterns indefinitely.

Specifically, the possibility for dissolving karma is directly linked to our willingness to learn a particular lesson, to change, to take a new amount of responsibility and assume a new form of discipline, but also to readiness for basing our future life on new ethics. If you are ready to meet these requirements, there is absolutely no need for the continuation of certain karmic patterns. Instead of suffering from self-imposed limitations, we can give our lives a constructive course. What was once a limit can now become the basis for creating a new aspect of dharma, or positive activities, that will replace former blocks.

Technically speaking, a karmic loop consists of a number of key elements with energy circulating between them, but such a cycle does not lead to a dismissal or to the exit and resembles a broken record that unnecessarily repeats itself. It is not, however, always easy to diagnose the loop nor to dissolve it because it has a meaning in our lives and sometimes even presents our "raison d'etre". So, with a loop being finally dissolved, many of our models of living will cease to exist. The crashes can be so big that even the structures we were assured would never be resolved (except, perhaps, in death) are going to collapse. There is no need for early dying only to be pulled out of the vicious circle of suffering - freedom is at hand.

Essentially speaking, karmic loops are dissolved by the neutralization of all polarities within them, of all dualities, trialities, or any other plurality. Then we can return to a state of unity or to some of the innumerable aspects of universal Oneness. Often these aspects are very abstract but no less applicable in daily life practice if a person tries hard to find a specific model for the realization of new perspectives. 

The aim of this work is to redirect the energy of specific intention directly toward the goal, but the paradox is that such a redirection sometimes does not require any effort because the most direct path to a goal often is not a path at all, but an immediate realization which requires no process! For some people, this is all too easy and too simple - they are used to agonize or at least strain to achieve their goals. However, a fact is that goals are achieved equally by effort or action as well as by conscious non-action. This course enables you to dissolve some of the hardest obstacles to success and includes practical work on the mapping of the karmic loop, its dissolution, and finding new, constructive living models that will replace the former

The course also includes work on the dissolution of the so-called "inorganic beings" - disembodied entities from other dimensions that often come into contact with persons who have an increased amount of awareness and energy, or the so-called "advanced spiritual seekers". Although such beings sometimes enable people interesting experiences, unconscious contact with inorganic entities may cost humans a certain amount of energy and freedom to create their own lives according to their deepest inner aspirations. Inorganic entities commonly connect themselves with organic beings through dreams, but an organic creature rarely recognizes this. An inorganic being draws the organic one into its world and intertwines with its human victim in order to gain experience in the organic world. It participates in human decision-making, objectives, or needs and can often be associated with a person's weaknesses, intensifying and using those weaknesses to gain experience of human existence.

The ability for independent decision-making or choosing life's direction for people unconsciously interconnected with inorganic beings is greatly reduced. Therefore the dissolution of such a relationship can be of great use to all advanced seekers who are on the path to an even greater amount of personal freedom. Identification with inorganic beings draws people into unnecessary karmic processes that they could have avoided by becoming aware of such association or attachment. That's why this type of work has its place in this course since it contributes to a more direct relationship between us and the Spirit, leaving beside all astral phenomena which, although sometimes interesting, can never fulfill us as deeply as an immersion into the purest spheres of Spirit or Oneness. So, in order to stably anchor ourselves in Spirit and ground deeply into the Earth, we sometimes have to release some inorganic being. 

This course also brings new forms of meditation that provide immediate spiritual experience or contact with the unknown dimensions of the Spirit. Thus this type of work, if practiced systematically, enables us to quickly create desirable inner conditions and life's circumstances and transform ourselves into an instrument for "spiritualization of matter" or a creator of "paradise on Earth" as a concrete and obvious reality. Spiritual seekers claim that the so-called "Golden Age" is in front of us - I would say that it is already here for those who want to consciously create it.


• The structure of a karmic loop

• Dissolving karmic loops - the original technology

• Neutralizing primordial polarities

• The original technology for polarity integration

• Theory and practice of dissolving the karmic spheres - attachments to the limiting spheres of existence

• Releasing the inorganic beings - dissolving the "higher mind" as a foreign installation

• Return to Oneness - re-creating our original spiritual identity