Human beings are here to evolve, and one of the basic ways to evolve is to learn from our mistakes. We act in a certain way and our actions produce reactions. The way we handle those reactions decides whether we are going to evolve or degrade. The sum total of all consequences of our actions is called "karma". 

One of the main reasons for incarnation is transforming our karmic influences. Karmic patterns are stored in our subconscious mind, or "energy body", becoming invisible sources of more than visible, but unwanted, effects on our lives. 

Karma has its outer and inner aspects. The outer aspect is better known than the inner and comes in the form of the so-called "karmic debt" which has to be balanced by our positive actions. But what are we going to do with the inner aspect of karma? 

The inner aspect is even more important than the outer because it holds the key to the causes of karmic problems. The outer karma is, therefore, only a manifestation of its inner aspect, so we have to pay special attention to inner karma if we want to solve our karmic problem permanently.

But how are we going to do this? Did you know that karma has structure? Did you know that these structures are recognizable and even predictable? Did you know that only you can dissolve your karmic problem? No one can do it for you because the only way to really transform a certain karmic influence is to learn from it and change accordingly. 

Besides being ready to assume responsibility for the creation of a karmic pattern, we need to know how to dissolve it, that is, how to do it technically. If a certain karmic structure isn't deconstructed the opposite way it has been constructed, a karmic pattern cannot be resolved in a permanent and stable way. 

Lots of authors have written many volumes on karma, but they rarely give us practical means to work with it. They philosophize about karmic influences and their causes but leave us empty-handed when it comes to practical work. 

For example, Lazarev has written many books describing the karmic consequences, but except for intellectual knowledge and a better understanding of the karmic principle, what does he offer as means for practical work with our own karmic patterns? Conspiracy researchers have done a fantastic job explaining how the Matrix works, but besides intellectual understanding, can we use their information to detach ourselves from the Matrix psychologically and energetically? 

Many people think they don't need any kind of methodology to deal with karmic influences, or that they can somehow "do it themselves" and solve them on their own. I found this not to be true - I have spent 30 years studying karma and karmic patterns, as well as methodologies that enable karmic purification, and only now I can say that I can do it myself. 

If you want to dissolve a karmic pattern quickly and thoroughly, it demands a surgically precise approach. We need to know exactly what to do and how to do it. That's why this work requires a kind of a "karmic technician" who can help you go through each stage and phase correctly. And, that's why you can't do it by leaning only on your own abilities. At least not immediately, but with some training, even this goal could be reached relatively quickly, within a couple of months of intensive training. 

I have been studying karma for more than 30 years and now I have techniques and knowledge that can shorten your suffering and spare you unnecessary time for discovering the whole methodology on your own.

I wrote extensively on this system - my first 420 pages book on individual karmic influences is already translated into English, and my second book on the collective karmic patterns (and of the same size) is on its way. 

The system of transforming karmic influences that I'm presenting here is the most practical and deepest possible - modern state-of-the-art methodology that enables you to work on the following patterns:

-      Traumatic experience

-      Karmic consequences of relationships - toxic bonding, identifications, guilt, the past and current partnerships, family maps

-      Addictions, obsessions, compulsions

-      Crisis resolution

-      Chronic health problems

-      Goalwork obstacles

-      Past lives 

-      In between-lives influences ("Bardo traumas")

-     Lower astral influences

-      Spirit possession

-      Etheric and physical implants

-      Miasms - negative aspects of hereditary factor

-      Limiting influences of collective energy fields

-      The Matrix

-      Inorganic beings 

-      Assemblage point dislocation

-      Archetypes

-      Karmic loops 

-      Primordial codes

-      Dual universe 


In 1990 at Enlightenment Intensive, which lasted for a month, I experienced permanent enlightenment. This was a spiritual experience or, to be more precise, a state that was recognized and validated by the leader of the Intensive. As a system derived from the technology of Zen sesshin – a shorter or longer retreat into a monastery accompanied by intensive meditation on a specific koan or a riddle question – in former Yugoslavia Intensives were run from the early 1980s onwards. I joined that system of personal development at its later stage, due to my young age, and attended the first course at 22, in the spring of 1986. Although the beginning was difficult, as I was not „particularly gifted“  for that sort of activity, being persistent I progressed fast and after five-year work, together with the first group of senior practitioners, I slipped into meuna or stable consciousness of the Self.

There was no end to my satisfaction – I had achieved one of the uppermost goals of human existence and I considered the greater part of the work accomplished.  I was to expect, and this was a view shared by all those who had achieved the same, „a creative actualization of my authentic nature“, i.e. a joyful living in line with the Truth. But events took a different turn. I soon understood why it is often the case that enlightened Zen monks get drunk, abandon themselves to lechery, or even commit suicide. My karma was cleansed enough to bring my life to a spiritual path and my good upbringing contributed to my persistence and self-discipline, which eventually enabled me to achieve enlightenment in such a short time. The facts, however, showed that even an enlightened person is not necessarily karmically cleansed in full. Samskaras or karmic debts only started to rear their heads. A year after I had soared high into the company of enlightened beings, I was brought back to earth with a deafening crash.

From then onto the present day I have been searching for the systems of internal cleansing which yield practical results in a balanced, stable, and thorough way. At the beginning of the 1990s, there was complete chaos in the „esoteric wilderness of the time“– it was almost impossible to find coherent methods of spiritual cleansing in order to help oneself or others effectively when life crises occur. But life is not mean to those who seek and regardless of external circumstances if the intention is strong enough the answers are found – one way or another. Through my own efforts, and through Grace, by the mid-1990s I succeeded in creating an effective system of spiritual cleansing – partly taken from others and partly based on my own discoveries.

For this reason, it was already at the end of the 1990s that I wanted to write a book, on karmic influences but even then my knowledge was not enough. In mid-2008, eighteen years after I achieved stable enlightenment and almost thirty years after I started on the spiritual path, I considered myself knowledgeable enough to talk about the integral knowledge in the area of alternative psychotherapy, i.e. about an integral system of spiritual (karmic) cleansing. The methodology based on such knowledge has remained unchanged for years – only the areas of application have been changing, and not the manner of application. Therefore I can say that there is such a thing as a unique theory and practice of alternative spiritual therapy and the books that are before you contain all the relevant information on the theoretical background of such practice. 


Karmic patterns are all mental content that burdens us with unwanted physical states, emotions, and thoughts. They are made by psycho-energetic information stored in our conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious minds. They look like a broken record that constantly repeats itself, so instead of reaching our life goals, we are running in circles.

All people incarnated on the planet Earth encounter some difficulties in life, whose aim is to teach them something. Many of them are aware of their limiting models and would like to come out of them, but cannot because they don't know how. It is possible to be strongly motivated for resolving your problem, but not have adequate technical means. For that reason, it is necessary to have specific knowledge that enables correct detection of the cause of the problem and its efficient dissolving.

The system I am presenting here makes it possible to detect in a short time the source of these difficulties and resolve them in order to continue living. Methods which are the subject matter of Transformation of Karmic Patternscourses are for the strong-willed – their application is simple and the work is direct, focused on facing the cause of the problem, which sometimes can be painful. However, the only way to permanently dissolve karmic patterns is to uncover and directly face their causes, and then to consciously learn from the problem. If you are ready to change, this is a system that facilitates change significantly. The means of spiritual purification which are nowadays at our disposal make such goals as karmic purity, spiritual enlightenment, and creative self-realization accessible in a relatively short time, if the adequate effort is made. Our age is characterized by global accessibility – the knowledge needed to achieve a fulfilled life is now available to us. The Inquisition and totalitarian regimes no longer exist (at least not for the time being...) to bar us from true spiritual work. Therefore it is our own decision whether to use this knowledge or not.  

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