This branch of astrology is slightly different from the usual, prediction oriented astrology. It is based both on the future and on the past, because it is focused on past incarnations and experiences that person went through, and their influence on this life.

Spiritual astrology is based on metaphysical theory according to which there is one transpersonal center, Self or Soul that is man’s true identity. Soul exists independently of physical body and ego, or personality. Soul uses material body as means of gathering different experiences, with which she can gain knowledge that she choose to learn. Planet Earth is considered to be the place for learning and development and not just the place for fun or, on the other side, for difficult suffering. Before being incarnated, Soul chooses direction of her development, the kind of experiences through which she wants to go through and lessons to be leaned. Soul bases her decisions on awareness of her past lives and her connectedness to universal spirit, or God.

Spiritual horoscope provides you with an overview of past existences, with experiences that you gained through them, together with clear insight into chosen tasks and lessons that we are going through or are about to go through. In the same way as we have chosen our physical bodies, we have also chosen many other circumstances of our lives, together with the amount of free will to choose and change the direction of our development in the course of our life.

The outcome of two-hour séance is to determine which chosen tasks, directions of development, forms of experiences and lessons are inscribed in our natal horoscopes. Instead of being a passive victim of “fate”, we can find out how to actively participate in the fulfillment of our tasks and thus become active participants and creators of our destiny.