telepathy 1


The course in spiritual communication is very practical and extremely useful, because it consists of series of exercises and minimum theory. It is intended for advanced practitioners, because some of the exercises require quite a lot of effort. The goal of this course is opening inner communication channels with higher aspects of our beings, or with spiritual beings that serve as our guardians and guides. Participants can discover their own personal guides and their spiritual teachers. They are taught how to communicate with spiritual beings with whom they wish to establish contact for particular reasons. The culmination of this course is the ability to channel messages from spiritual beings and to receive massages from other people directly, through development of extra-sensory perception.

The course in spiritual communication lasts for two days. It starts with the exercise of centering in present time and space, followed by exercising focused and awakened states of mind. This is followed by a short initiation that activates energy centers that are used for channelling messages and remote viewing. Then we start practicing the so-called direct perception through series of exercises where participants work in pairs and transmit massages to one another directly. In the final phase participants are engaged in practical work where they can apply direct perception to the whole set of specific situations. For that reason, persons who have already gained profound spiritual experiences and wish to ground those experiences in their everyday life, in a practical and direct way, would benefit the most from this course. The purpose of spiritual communication is basically to develop the potential for easier, simpler and more creative life, based on clear perception, true information and actions corresponding to our deepest inner aspirations.