From June 16 to 25, 2023, on the island of Korčula, Croatia!




Long Intensive is intended for advanced practitioners of this method - it is necessary to take at least one short Intensive first, and it is advisable to know the related methods, that is, to attend at least level one of Transformation of Karmic Patterns. However, beginners can also participate only for the first three days.

The goal of a long Intensive is the same as that of a short one - reaching the direct experience of truth, enlightenment, or spiritual experience. But unlike the short Intensive, where you can generally have only the short-term merging with Unity, it is possible to achieve a stable and permanent direct experience here. For this reason, a good knowledge of techniques that allow mental cleansing is necessary because the mental masses that we encounter on the long Intensive cannot be purified only through communication.

Because of the goals it enables, the long Intensive certainly belongs to some of the most effective spiritual techniques which we currently possess. Although the work on the long Intensive is hard, there is no system that in such a short time allows such deep spiritual experiences. Gains realized here usually transcend everything indirect methods offer, so by its efficiency, the long Intensive still belongs to the spiritual avant-garde.

Long Intensives are rarely run nowadays because few people are ready for that kind of challenge, whether they are participants or masters. Therefore this course is a rare opportunity for a new generation of spiritual seekers because permanent enlightenment is certainly among the top human achievements. However, people who have already attended long Intensives also have the opportunity to deepen and broaden their experience - Spirit has no boundaries and no experience has to be the final one. This is actually the best feature of the spiritual world - it is always new and fresh, and each immersion in it is an original experience. Long Intensives also allow for new breakthroughs in consciousness, possible contacts with unknown worlds and dimensions of existence, and the development of new practical abilities based on spiritual initiations. This is why the long Intensive is an interesting spiritual adventure whose outcome we can never fully predict.

Applications for participation in the nine-day Intensive can be made by May 1st, 2023. The number of places is limited to fourteen (14), so we invite all potential participants to contact us as soon as possible.