Man is an interesting being, far more interesting than what is commonly known. Hidden powers in man are enormous and it's only up to man which one of them and to what extent he will (manage to) use. However, to tap into the inner sources that enable deep fulfilment on one hand and creative self-realisation on another, man must work on himself. This work must be steady and continuous, however not more continuous, difficult or intensive then any other daily duty. Continuous effort in developing one's skills made many artists and sportsmen achieve outstanding results, and spiritually oriented persons reach peak levels of consciousness and high degree of personal realisation. However, few people use or at least strive to use their full potential. The reason for this giving up is partly global influence – society doesn't stimulate us to outstanding achievements, and persons close to us often condition the relationship with us being „normal“, whatever that may be. Unless we are like „everybody else“ we become weird and our environment wants to bring us back to the predominant state of mind and socially acceptable way of life. Supreme results are therefore reserved only for the brave and the strong. However, nowadays it's possible to achieve a lot in a somewhat easier way than before. The techniques of sorting out human relationships and realising personal wholeness enable achievements that overcome basic human needs and provide them with new possibilities.

This is, above all, about the conscious use of an aspect of man's existence we call the Spirit, i.e. an endless sea of energy/consciousness physicians nowadays recognize as a so-called source of the „weak nuclear force “, which influences man's existence to a great extent. Apart from the Souldimension as an aspect of existence superior to the human body, man is also a spiritual being. The Soul (Self, Atman, transpersonal centre) takes man to wholeness, integrity and awareness of their source identity. Based on the soul wholeness it is possible to build quality relationships and realise life goals – typical human aspirations – for love, security or creative work. A person who is whole at the soul level is aware of themselves and their goals (needs) thus they know what they want. However, in order to fully creatively realise themselves they simply have to use their full potential. This potential, apart from the one contained in the Self, can be found in the spiritual dimension of our existence. Only a person using their full potential can fully realise themselves in life. 

Man already uses many of his inner powers – sometimes consciously and most often unconsciously – and they make a quality life possible. These are various, typically human abilities that give our life meaning – creativity, love or the growth of consciousness. However, even though they are considered irrational or „immaterial“(invisible), such abilities have their concrete sources and it is possible to use them in practical purposes. There is not only the „will of the Spirit“ – there is also man's will as imposed on the Spirit. At the moment that man's will and the will of the Spirit come together, many things become possible. In the same way little is possible (if anything) if man's will isn't involved in the process of „engaging the Spirit“. This approach to creating isn't new at all – if we look at the relationship to the Spirit of the official state religion in Croatia it is obvious that even though Christianity seems to put man in a passive position in relation to the Spirit, popular Catholic prayers are anything except pleading – they come in a form of request and orders. The prayers are thus really verbally shaped intentions that issue a certain order to the Spirit (God). Such an order is namely the basic means of creating one's own life and even though it may not be obvious anyone who is slightly aware of themselves is doing it every day. At the moment our goals are clearly articulated we all somehow request and expect the „Universe“ to help us realise them. It is possible to turn this expectation into a specific strength. Spiritual potential recognised and classified through the star canters and abstract non-vibrant „radiation“ is consciously used during the Activation of the Spirit.

Every process of creation must originate from the Spirit, however before we could create „from the Spirit“ we must have a spiritual experience. The Activation of the Spirit course is therefore intended to advanced practitioners who attended several Enlightenment Intensives and other advanced systems that enable spiritual experience. Through a series of intensive exercises they adopt the new knowledge and possibilities that the direct experience of the Spirit brings. The course also deals with other levels of human existence, such as the hara level and some of its (recently discovered) potentials. The true natural „magic“ of creating is thus before us. In this course, experienced spiritual practitioners willing to pursue continuous personal development can learn new interesting techniques and train themselves in direct perception. Beyond the limits of space, time, matter, energy and inner dialog lays an exceptionally interesting world, unfortunately completely unknown to majority of people. It takes a high level of cleansed state, emotional maturity and energy to perceive it and use it practically. This kind of work is therefore a kind of luxury and it is intended exclusively to stable persons who realised their basic goals in life.

The Spirit Activation course takes two full days and the work is intensive and strenuous. Some of the topics covered at the course are:

- Spiritualization technique

- Working with intentional cords

- Cleansing of collective bans, i.e. unfavourable influences of the world Matrix that pertains to the use of spiritual power

- Overcoming space-time limits and contact with multidimensional space

   - Creating space-time portals (interdimensional passages)

   - Becoming aware of the spiritual dimension of moments and situations in life

- Working with abstract textures – golden and silver supra-mental and other kinds of supra-mental spheres

- Transforming dual processes into original ones – stabilising the state of Unity

- Establishing one's own specific role in interaction with the Spirit

It is also desirable to study Carlos Castaneda's " Tales of Power", "The Power of Silence" and "The Active Side of Infinity" as they represent good theoretical background for this kind of work.