This series of three two-days workshops is intended for Reiki practitioners holding the second and the third degree in order to provide them with a wider range of tools to implement in energy work. Even though Reiki is an excellent system enabling one to awake the healing capacity by the so-called "transmission of power" – a range of initiations turning any layman into a potential healer – the technical tools provided by Reiki aren’t complete. As an introduction into healing work Reiki is more than sufficient for those who wish to use it exclusively on themselves and occasionally treat others. However, potential healers who aim to work with clients will need to expand their knowledge beyond the basic boundaries. Since various bio-energy schools have additional, very simple and extremely efficient healing tools, it is a pity not to use them just because they do not fall into a system’s tradition. 

These workshops further process healing techniques on all three levels of energy bodies - aura, hara and star level. The first workshop treats chakras, layers of the aura and their characteristics, as well as techniques of working on one particular layer, i.e. repairing a chakra. The second workshop directly follows "Re-creating the light body" course and it deals with work on the hara level, while the third workshop follows the "Energy Intensive"  and deals with star centers and bodies. All courses are intensive, practical workshops and one needs to come to them rested and relatively cleansed. Participants work together treating each other’s problems. Such work has its consequences, i.e. it triggers cleansing processes which don’t necessarily need to be pleasant. The minimum time between two levels is two months during which participants practice learned techniques - on at least ten persons - keeping a diary of their experiences.