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A new paradigm has emerged in the world of healing and spiritual development. Although this paradigm seems to have been recognized by ancient civilizations of Sumer and Egypt (and allegedly even before by Atlantis and Lemuria), it has now been rediscovered both by alternative medicine and "official science" to set new criteria for healing the physical body. It deals with the influence of sound on human beings - both their energy and physical bodies. We already know a bit about the influence of sound on our psyche - music has an immense influence on human perception, our inner states, and behaviors. Sound organized as a piece of music clearly affects man's consciousness, since music has the power to induce previously non-existing emotions or transform the existing ones into something else. Music is capable of emotionally opening a person, enabling her to experience inner states which might not be available in the absence of music. Contemporary medicine took this a step further and discovered additional dimensions of music through so-called "music-therapy", where music is viewed as having even healing influence. And finally, the most recent discoveries about the cell and DNA - its structure and purpose - show an extensive influence of sound on cellular processes, especially on DNA and the character of its functioning.
Throughout history, the sound appears indirectly in different forms of human activities as a means of healing or creating desirable realities. For example, most religions use sound in the form of prayers, mantras, or chanting as a tool for gaining spiritual experience, but also as a means of achieving certain practical goals. In some religions, such sound formulas are the only existing forms of spiritual practice, while in others they are one of the most important means. Hence, using sound formulated into words became almost a standard for good spiritual practice. Nevertheless, many people, both secular and spiritual, still consider prayer or mantra a relic which was left from archaic religious ceremonies, and as such superfluous. Well, modern scientific discoveries show exactly the opposite to be true. For example, prayer has proved itself to be the most efficient means of healing. According to research conducted on two groups of participants suffering from terminal diseases (done during the 1980s in the US), persons who practiced creative visualization combined with prayer had 70% more success in healing[1]. This kind of percentage cannot be ignored - it is actually sensational.

So, what is prayer and how does it work? Believers would say that it works due to God's mercy, or mercy of the spiritual being to which it is directed. This can definitely be true, but there is something else in the prayer which most believers do not notice. And that something is - the word. That "word" was mentioned in the Bible as the one that "was in the beginning" when God created the world. So, the word became action, and the consequence of this action is the world we live in. Hinduism has a similar way of explaining the creation of the world - according to that religion, the universe was created by the word OM or AUM, which later became the basic Hindu mantra. This leads us to the conclusion that sound formulated as a word actually becomes a means for the creation of material reality. That model was later on also accepted by contemporary systems of personal development - methods such as Avatar or Excalibur use words directly as means of creation, and systems such as Silva or Autogenic Training use it indirectly since they work with affirmations (verbally formed suggestions) as means of programming the unconscious mind.

There is a certain difference between programming the unconscious and creating wanted reality - an unconscious mind is programmed by repetition which serves the purpose of memorizing a certain pattern, while the wanted reality is created through intention, visualization, and verbal expression. Hence, every intention, when accompanied by creative visualization and expressed verbally, can become a tool for the creation of wanted realities - primarily on the energetic level and then on the material level as well. This is why prayers work - apart from their spiritual dimension, prayers are actually intentions formulated into words. Even well known Catholic prayers sound like orders - "Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done... Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil..." - these are verbally expressed intentions, and not begging. And every verbally formulated intention represents a certain creation that will either have or not have, enough energy to realize itself in material reality. If it lacks energy, then this intention can be clarified and strengthened - methods that enable this can be learned at my Transformation of Karmic Patterns courses.

Verbally expressed intention acts as a kind of magnet - it creates an energy field that draws means and circumstances that help to materialize our intention in objective reality. The mechanism that backs the whole process up is the famous "law of attraction", popularized by different "self-help" manuals or movies such as The Secret, which bombastically speaks of the "biggest and the most carefully guarded secret of all times". The secret is - people create their own realities and by using a universal principle known as the law of attraction they can achieve what they want. However, apart from the law of attraction, there are other principles that can be activated through verbally formulated intentions. Today, science is discovering that all matter is actually energy, and energy can be created and formulated by consciousness, or conscious beings. So, humans as conscious beings (I hope I am not expecting too much here!?!) can influence matter. We do it mostly indirectly, but history notes the existence of people who were able to influence matter directly. Since the topic of this article is sound and physical health, I'd like to emphasize that it is possible to heal by using sound frequencies formulated into words. The sound has the ability to transform matter - inorganic and organic. It is, therefore, possible to influence matter directly by using verbally formulated sound formulas, supplemented with appropriate intention.

A good indicator of this effect is visible in the work of well known Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto who discovered that sound can influence crystals in water and change their structure. Through a series of extraordinary photographs, Emoto shows that sound influences the very foundations of the material world - even the so-called "inorganic" matter through its crystal structure. Namely, Emoto sent different sound information and verbal messages to water. The structure of crystals in the water dramatically changed, depending on the type of the message - whether it was a manifestation of love or manifestation of hate and destruction. In the first case, crystals had brilliant geometrical structures and exuded light, and in the second case, they would look like a dirty, polluted swamp. When somebody experiences water in those two states there is no doubt as to which one they would want to drink. Of special importance for this article is the fact that the influence on the water was made by certain types of sound vibrations - verbally and through different types of music. So, the sound was a primary tool for experiments done by Emoto and published in his popular books[2].

Water hearing the word "Love" Water hearing the words "I am sick of you"
Water hearing the words "Thank you"

Water hearing the words "Adolf Hitler"


Besides having an effect on inorganic matter, sound also affects the organic matter in a very interesting way. Seventy percent of the human body is water, and if sound influences crystals in water, it shall also influence water in the human organism. But the most important influence here is the one that sound makes on cells, especially on cellular core and chromosomes filled with deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Russian scientists gathered around two academicians from Moscow - Piotr Gariaev (molecular biologist and biophysicist) and Vladimir Poponin (quantum physicist) - have recently discovered the function of unknown aspects of human DNA, which were classified as "junk" by the official science. Their discoveries are revolutionary, although it seems that ancient civilizations and alchemists did indeed possess that knowledge. Since they didn't believe that nature was stupid, Gariaev and Poponin wanted to study the real function of more than 90% of so-called "junk DNA", named such because it does not participate in protein synthesis. They formed a team of geneticists, physicists, and linguists and discovered the following[3]. DNA is not responsible only for building the physical body - it also serves as information storage. It is a biochip in our body, an organic superconductor which can work on normal body temperature (unlike the artificial superconductors which demand extremely low temperatures to function). Every superconductor is capable of storing light and information. Information can be stored directly or indirectly, depending on the level of consciousness and knowledge of programming techniques.
 kromosomi_dnk.jpg  dnk_zavojnica.jpg
Chromosomes and DNA     Double DNA helix
If DNA is a biochip in our body, then it seems that the body could be an organic computer. Who and how programs this computer? We do, but our environment does it too. Every emotional state in which we stay for a certain time, and which has a certain intensity, will be stored in the cells and eventually turned into a cellular program. Our beliefs - both conscious and unconscious ones - can also be stored in the cells. Since beliefs form the foundation of human character or the structure of human personality, those deeply rooted and even more deeply suppressed beliefs will form a person's basic perception of reality - their worldview. The human unconscious mind behaves as computer software - it demands orders, or programs. If it is not busy with orders sent by the conscious mind, our unconscious mind will engage in anything else - reworking old impressions, sorting out experiences, playing "recordings" of past events, and so on. It will recycle different contents because it is programmed never to stop working. So, the unconscious mind acts as software which is (almost) impossible to turn off. On one hand, such activity could be very useful since the unconscious mind works on our goals even when the conscious mind is sleeping or is otherwise occupied. On the other hand, the ceaseless activity of the unconscious mind can be a burden, especially if it is filled with unpleasant content. Hence, "turning off the mind" is a goal of many people who are haunted by negative mental states, but also of many spiritual schools. Being able to consciously stop or influence mental processes, or as Castaneda's Don Juan would say - "stopping the internal dialogue" - is one of the greatest goals of spiritual training.

Besides influencing our mind (conscious and unconscious), thoughts and emotions directly affect the physical body. What most people do not know is that the unconscious mind has its material manifestation or "hardware". It is stationed in the physical body, or better, in the cells of the body. Everything that happens in the unconscious mind simultaneously happens in the body. People think that if they suppress negative mental contents, they will disappear, but this is not true. Those states will be stored in cells and therefore in organs of the body. Chinese traditional medicine has noticed which organs will typically store which emotions and negative beliefs. For example, the liver will store anger, kidneys, and bladder will store fear or stress, anxiousness will go to the stomach, sadness to the lungs, irritation to sinuses, fear of change into knees, cruelty to heart, guilt into bone marrow, and so on. Hence, a person's health is a reflection of their inner processes or mental and emotional states which are stored into cells. Everything which circulates through the unconscious mind will influence a person's reality - first their inner states and consequently their physical body. And, since like attracts like (according to the law of attraction), the contents of our mind will automatically influence the outside world and attract corresponding life's circumstances.

In his book "The Biology of Belief"[4], American biologist and geneticist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., speaks about the influence of thoughts and emotions on cellular processes and claims that the cell can function within two basic states - as an open or as a closed system. Cells filled with love will act as an open system and have an optimum performance - they will continue developing to become even more perfect. Cells filled with negative emotions like fear, sadness, anger, or guilt will act as a closed system that freezes most of its functions (in the IT lingo - "goes into hibernation mode"), where everything except that which is needed for bare survival is shut off. The development of the person burdened by negative emotions and thoughts will, therefore, be slowed down or even compromised. Many children who were raised without love, or even abused, are not able to develop physically, not to mention emotionally or mentally. This does not have to be the rule, but it is a very common occurrence. Since they are burdened by constant threats, such children fight for bare survival, and everything else is luxury. The same happens to adults who experience life as threatening - such people will get sick sooner or later since the cell cannot eternally protect itself from poisons which it absorbs while functioning as a closed system.

Apart from information coming from an individual unconscious, cells also absorb information from the so-called collective unconscious. They absorb almost everything which currently circulates the ether, especially if the frequencies of that information are close to those of the cells themselves. Russian scientists have discovered even more interesting stuff - according to an article written by German scientists Grazyne Fosar and Franz Bludorf - "The Biological Chip in Our Cells" (interpreting Russian discoveries) - DNA molecule is an ideal electromagnetic antenna. Electromagnetic energy received by DNA is easily stored in the cell. If we stretch it, such an antenna would be two meters long and work in the frequency of 150 megahertz. This is the value of the frequency range of radar, telecommunication, and microwave technologies. So, radio waves, TV, and cell phone waves can influence human DNA and can automatically store information into the cell. Now it becomes clear why TV is so important to world leaders, and why they broadcast certain programs. If the cell automatically absorbs electromagnetic energy and information sent by television, then everything coming from a TV set can become a means of indoctrination or programming of consciousness. Since one of the main tools with which world elites exert control over people is fear, it is no wonder that death and crime became the main aspect of the news, and "forensic" TV shows are almost the only available program on some channels.

This new information about cell being a biochip and an antenna further confirm the fact that humans are responsible for their own life. We create our own reality - primarily the inner one, but then the external one as well, and we are responsible for our health. That is why we can change our own health and every other emotional or mental state we are in. Of course, there are numerous external influences and pollutants which can sometimes have a decisive influence on our health, so humans have an obligation to educate and inform themselves about the world they live in - not just by using corporate media or governmental "education institutions", but also through alternative media and sources of knowledge. We have to recognize the situation and find our own way out - the society will not facilitate that. On the contrary, society will try to enslave us even further. Hence, every human being has the so-called "minimal chance" to extract themselves from the web of illusions called the Matrix, but they have to do it on their own. There are means available, but those means will not be found on newspaper covers, they are not mentioned on television, or taught in universities. Also, the means are at least partially individual, which is another reason why anyone who wishes to free themselves has to find their own ways of achieving freedom.

Knowledge of cells, DNA, and their functioning is one such means. It is a "forbidden knowledge" - it was forbidden in the past, but, believe it or not, it is forbidden even today. Bible tells us how "gods" (not God, but gods) forbid Adam and Eve to eat from the "tree of knowledge of good and evil". But what is this "tree of knowledge", and what could it represent? Here is a possible answer - it is very interesting how TIME magazine, one of the typical tools of corporate indoctrination, designed the cover of the issue dedicated to new discoveries in the field of genetics. Namely, it is clear that everything that TIME publishes, and especially what it puts on covers, is a part of propaganda. What does this picture tell us? Is the biblical "tree of knowledge", the one from which we are forbidden to pick fruit, actually a double DNA helix or knowledge of DNA? Would such knowledge allow Adam and Eve to "see", as the snake says, and to become "like them", like "gods"? Of course, it would - even the current knowledge of DNA and its functioning puts human beings in a godlike position. Here is why.

                Cover of the issue published on 17th December 2003


Apart from already cited discoveries that DNA is a biochip in our body, an antenna for receiving and transmitting information, Gariaev and his team also discovered revolutionary means for programming DNA. Instead of changing genetic programs by invasive methods which carry a name reminiscent of Dr. Frankenstein - "genetic engineering" - they discovered that genetic codes, especially those within the 90% of "unnecessary" DNA (some claim it is even up to 97%) follow the same rules as human languages. In the above-mentioned article, David Icke says the following:

"... To this end, they compared the rules of syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms), and the basic rules of grammar. They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages. So human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA... Piotr Gariaev, and his colleagues, also explored the vibrational behavior of the DNA. The bottom line was: 'Living chromosomes function just like solitonic-holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation'. [Solitons are a special type of light wave that doesn't change shape as it travels.] This means that they managed, for example, to modulate certain frequency patterns onto a laser ray, and used it to influence the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. [This process is what we call 'Evolution'', as I said earlier]. Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs, and of language, are of the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary. One can simply use words and sentences of the human language! This, too, was experimentally proven!

Living DNA substance will always react to language-modulated laser rays, and even to radio waves if the proper frequencies are being used. This finally and scientifically explains why affirmations, autogenous training, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language. [It is a computer program that can be rewritten by this data input]. While western researchers cut single genes from the DNA strands and insert them elsewhere, the Russians enthusiastically worked on devices that can influence the cellular metabolism through suitably modulated radio and light frequencies and thus repair genetic defects.

Gariaev's research group succeeded in proving that chromosomes damaged by x-rays can be repaired. They even captured information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitted it onto another, so reprogramming cells to another genome. They successfully transformed, for example, frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns! [In other words, they rewrote the program and changed - shapeshifted! - the waveform/hologram.] This way the entire information was transmitted without any of the side effects or disharmonies encountered when cutting out and re-introducing single genes from the DNA. This represents an unbelievable, world-transforming revolution and sensation! All this by simply applying vibration and language instead of the archaic cutting-out procedure! This experiment points to the immense power of wave genetics, which obviously has a greater influence on the formation of organisms than the biochemical processes of alkaline sequences [in fact, one is an expression of the other]."

Well, if this isn't a revolutionary discovery, then what is? Genetic codes are written in a language similar to human languages, and they can be changed by using verbal formulas! There is no need to cut out genes and insert them into foreign DNA - it is possible to repair and even transform genetic codes only by using intention and words! It is now understandable why this knowledge was the first one to be forbidden to humans by the false, authoritarian "God". It is because like no other, this knowledge puts human beings into a position of power. Of course, it also puts them into a position to abuse such power - so, maybe there were also more sinister motives for suppressing this knowledge, those that deal with manipulation and control. Personally, I would vote for power, i.e. knowledge, but also for its right use. Human beings were originally created to be free and powerful and to create their own lives using natural means at their disposal. We were also created to be happy and fulfilled, to enjoy and rejoice, and not to suffer. Those other, limiting programs were implanted later, from the alien and human controllers. According to some researchers of alternative history like Zecharia SitchinStewart Swerdlow, or Michael Tsarion, it is highly likely that humans were genetically modified by alien races in order to turn them into slaves. Those races have made a taboo of knowledge about DNA and its functioning because if humans had such knowledge, they would have become "like them"!

While the cell can be programmed by an individual or collective unconscious, it can also be influenced by the so-called "higher consciousness" (Soul) and by the universal higher consciousness, or all-encompassing Spirit. According to Russian scientists, a cell is capable of something they call "hyper-communication". Namely, they have irradiated samples of DNA with laser light and received a typical wave pattern on the screen. After the sample of DNA was removed, the wave pattern did not disappear, but it remained on the screen. Such effect was called "phantom DNA[5]" which continues to exist even without the material sample. So, it seems that the cell is able to communicate both through communication similar to verbal, (which is characterized by a certain process), but also through non-verbal, direct, and process-free (in fact, telepathic) communication. Wave patterns being emitted by specific DNA samples can be "caught" and decoded by another DNA sample. The direct influence of emissions made by electromagnetic devices on cells, which we have mentioned earlier, here becomes a scientific fact. It seems that the cell can decode any kind of message - verbal or non-verbal, particle or wave message. This explains all kinds of occurrences that come under the term "parapsychology" - telepathy, channeling, precognition or telekinesis.

Furthermore, Russians have discovered that DNA can cause disturbances of patterns in a vacuum and create magnetized wormholes, which are microscopic equivalents of so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges created near "black holes", or remains of burnt-out stars. Theoretical physicists consider wormholes to be hypothetical bridges or tunnels which connect remote points within one universe or connect two completely different universes. This actually means that DNA is able to bridge distances between worlds or different dimensions (parallel worlds), and communicate with any given point in time and space! If a person's consciousness is appropriate, DNA can receive information in the form of subtle non-vibrational emissions that stem from the all-encompassing Spirit. In short, this means that DNA can be - in the words of Dr. Leonard Horowitz - an antenna for "speaking with God" if one wishes to use it in such a way.

Along with Russian scientists and others who belong to the domain of "official" science (financed by corporate money), DNA function was also explored (either scientifically or intuitively) by many other researchers, some of which are scientists and doctors (Bruce Lipton, Leonard Horowitz, Joseph Puleo, and others), and some are from the ranks of alternative explorers. Some of them have created systems of personal development based on scientific discoveries about DNA and supplemented with intuitive insights or "channeled messages", which proved to be quite effective. One of the better-known systems is Theta Healing, created by American healer Vianna Stibal. Her information was also used by Robert V. Gerard in creating his own system called DNA Activation Techniques. Both systems utilize the notion of so-called "central cell" - the first one created at conception - which is some kind of command center where certain interventions can be made. This primarily concerns activating cellular DNA - the so-called "twelve strand DNA" (virtual or latent DNA strands) - where the primal cell sends new information to all other cells in the body. I have included elements of those systems in my Intention Energetics courses, particularly in Cellular Reprogramming and Cellular Potentiation, meant to activate the hidden potential of human DNA and to clear limiting emotional and mental programs imprinted into the cells. This type of work became a necessary addition to healing systems and methods of karmic purification. Although cellular programs can be dissolved or changed indirectly, by working extensively on the causes of health issues, sometimes such work is not sufficient to make appropriate effects on the physical body.

My system brings some novelties, like cleansing imbalanced elements in the cell, because elements (fire, water, earth, air, and ether) compose building tissues of organic matter. Since elements are reflected through thoughts and emotions (positive and negative), a polluted or imbalanced element can create specific negative programs that can burden the cell's functioning and lead directly to illness. Furthermore, I have created a process aimed for dissolving the causes of unwanted cellular programs, and an initiation process called the conception reprogramming, which enables persons conceived through incomplete or bad parental relationships (sexual, emotional, mental, or spiritual) to re-create their conception, now optimally. It is interesting that Chinese traditional medicine also considers the moment of conception as extremely important for the quality of health, so the possibility to reprogram the conception becomes a unique opportunity that was not available until recently. The consequences of such reprogramming on human health and life energy can be enormous since people now have strong inner potentials at their disposal, which were not available before.

Discovery of such possibility for someone dealing with causal therapy is not unusual, since traumatic experience as the sole cause of all human problems, together with its psychological, physical, and spiritual consequences, can occur at any given moment, from conception onwards. Hence, the discovery that the conception itself can also be traumatic was only a matter of time. If there exists something called the "primal cell", created at the moment of conception, then it is easy to perceive that it can be a carrier of certain subtle programs embedded at that moment. According to Chinese traditional medicine, most of the human psychophysical conditioning is created in the prenatal period, and 60% of that depends on the quality of conception. So, a conception will also act as a program and since all programs are subject to change, it is, therefore, possible to change the primary limiting programs created during the process of conception.


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