These pages offer lots of interesting information on the contemporary systems of personal and spiritual development. The models of theoretical and practical knowledge that are presented here make an integral whole that covers most of the important aspects of the psycho-spiritual territory. The existence of an accurate map, together with high-quality technologies, enables all potential aspirants to start with the practical work and achieve significant results immediately. The benefits of the systems described here are reserved for all persons actively interested in solving their problems and achieving their goals, whether mundane or spiritual.

The final goal of personal development is the discovery and realization of our life's purpose. And the universal purpose of human life is creative self-realization. There are two basic means leading towards the creative realization - mental and spiritual health, or the karmic purification process and spiritual enlightenment. Mental health or the purification of the Soul can be achieved by dissolving traumatic experiences and their psychological consequences - disharmonious family relationships, partnership problems, creative blockages, or identifications with the outer sources of fulfillment. Spiritual health can be achieved with genuine spiritual experience or direct experience of Truth, as well as with energy work which enables us the connection with the most subtle aspect of our being, usually called God.

I invite you to read the articles and texts about the courses and treatments that were created to enable high-quality purification of your Soul and true spiritual enlightenment, leading gradually towards the creative self-realization. Personal development today is not a privilege of a small number of the "chosen ones" - it has become a part of everyday life for everybody. We are witnessing the birth of a new civilization whose main characteristic will be the consciousness of the necessity to take responsibility for our lives and readiness for the continuous development of personal potentials. By leaving the rigidity of the academic approach towards the human Soul and overcoming the limits imposed on the spiritual experience by the most of the religions, contemporary psycho-spiritual science slowly builds the basis for the global renaissance that is going to enable people to reconnect with nature rediscover themselves - their true feelings and deep personal longings.



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TRANSFORMATION OF KARMIC PATTERNS - Presentation of the system

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