Energy Intensive is an advanced course of spiritual development. It was created on the basis Enlightenment Intensive (EI). Energy aspect of EI was revealed as crucial new moment that rapidly accelerated the actualization of the direct experience of truth. I have introduced the new element in EI, where participants opened their energy channels during working in dyads, so that passive partner, apart from his/her attention, gave energy support to the active partner. Master of the Intensive also treated the whole group with energy. The outcome of this was an increased number of participants that achieved extremely deep direct experiences. The method used to facilitate energy work was Reiki, since it gives the possibility of initiating anybody who wants to have the capability to channel energy of universal field. Reiki enables initiates to use their new capabilities immediately in various practical ways.

Because the Master and participants had their energy channels opened, they were able to have much deeper direct experiences of truth, those that belong into the category of profound mystical experiences. Reaching deep spiritual experiences demands inner surrender and abandonment of will power, which was an integral part of EI technique. Profound experiences that result from meditation combined with energy work also require peace, quiet and time spent in individual meditation. That’s why there are no communication exercises on Energy Intensive. The emphasis is on solo-meditation and passive, but awakened and conscious surrender. After the meditation, participants share their experiences with each other and with the master.

Why do I think that classic Intensive is not enough for advanced practitioners and how was Energy Intensive created? Well, the idea about such a course came to me during one long classic Intensive that I conducted in the summer of 1998. Together with the whole set of profound and stable direct experiences that participants reached, the energy work combined with the Intensive technique enabled all the participants of that long nine days EI to experience something that could be labeled as collective ascension to so-called "heavenly realms". This experience was a sign of special grace to all of us who attended that Intensive because it enabled significant changes in the minds and lives of participants. It was the collective direct experience - everybody in the room experienced their objects directly at the same time. When that happened, we all felt like being lifted up, somewhere where only love and unity existed. At the same time, the "ascension experience" was not at all abstract - it was the most natural state of existence, showing that Heaven and Earth are not separated in any way, and that earthly life has the potential to become a life in a paradise.

The experience of ascension also brought about a change in the structure of Intensive. In the moment of collective ascension, the form of classic EI fell apart. The participants spontaneously stopped communicating and became immersed in deep meditation that lasted more than one hour. They also expressed their wish to have more solo meditations during the course, which I could not allow because that would have disturbed the structure of EI. That is why I later developed Energy Intensive – the course that allows advanced practitioners of classical Intensive to actualize profound mystical experiences that surpass the need for verbal communication as a part of Intensive technique.

Although the practices of centering in “heavenly states” and their projection into environment present the most important part of this method, Energy Intensive is also highly practical course. Its purpose is to create energetic predisposition for high-quality personal and spiritual development and creative self-realization. In the breaks between mediation practices participants work on increasing their personal energy capacities. They develop capabilities for conscious and undisturbed circulation and perception of energies. For example, they work with energies of five elements, seven light rays or ten planets, together with numerous other esoteric energies. They also have centering exercises, axis finding, big and small microcosmic orbits and building light bodies. Those exercises open up energy centers on all three energy levels – aura, hara level and core star level. Practitioners are being introduced into new, previously unfamiliar sources of energy inside their own beings - their structure, purpose and ways of using. The consequences of opening and handling those centers can be very profound - most of the people who have activated them were never the same again. Apart from personal gains, practicing those exercises can significantly contribute to participants’ adaptation to a global process that is taking over our planet more and more. The essence of that process is a transference of humanity from being centered in the physical realm to centering in the realm of energy, and living from the light.

Because of all of those reasons, this course is intended primarily for people who participated in at least three EIs and who are initiated into some of the energy work/healing systems. If they are initiated into Reiki, it is necessary to have second degree Reiki to gain the most from this kind of work. For a week before the course participants should avoid consummating substances that have low energy frequency (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, heavy or spiced food), and for a day before it is good to abstain from sexual activities. The goal of Energy Intensive is determined in advance (different from classic Intensive), so it is now separated into three courses. Each course starts on Friday evening around 7 PM and ends around 10 PM. Working hours on Saturday are from 9 AM to 10 AM, and on Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM. This course is not residential.